RocketIO Tutorials

Here is a list of our tutorials related to RocketIO multi-gigabit transceivers:

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RocketIO Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions about RocketIO:

What is the best way to get started developing with the RocketIOs?

The RocketIOs are very sophisticated devices and require a lot of time to understand and integrate into your designs. Fortunately, Xilinx provides many tools and examples to help you get developing faster. Here are our suggestions:

  • Download the Aurora IP core from the Xilinx website. When you generate the Aurora IP core using CORE Generator, a working example with documentation is also generated.
  • If you want to implement your own protocol, generate the GTP wrapper using CORE Generator. The GTP wrapper provides a working example and documentation.

You might also find our tutorials helpful.

Are the RocketIO MGTs on the Virtex-II Pro compatible with the SATA standard? Can the SATA protocol be implemented on the RocketIOs?

According to Xilinx technical support, the answer is NO. The RocketIO MGTs do not fully comply with the SATA standard. This however has not stopped people from trying it anyway. Here are some references:


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