Hyperterminal Settings

Most of these projects use the RS-232 UART on the XUPV2P for simple debugging IO. The Hyperterminal settings for use with these projects are given in the table below.

Baud rate

9600 bps

Data bits

8 bits



Stop bits

1 bit

Flow control



The com port that is used (eg. COM1) will depend on whether you have a serial port already installed on your computer, or if you need to use a USB-Serial converter. To find out what com ports you have available on your computer, right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”. Click on “Device Manager” that lies within “System Tools”. Then find and open “Ports” in the list of devices. There you will find a list of installed ports. The com ports are named COM1, COM2, etc. When you know the port number that you are using, you can select that port in setting up Hyperterminal.