XUPV2P Library Files

To develop projects in XPS for the XUPV2P board it is necessary to copy the XUPV2P library files into a directory on the C drive of your computer. These files contain software libraries and hardware specific information for the XUPV2P board that are necessary for the Base System Builder wizard to construct projects specific to the hardware we are using.

The files can be located on the CD included with the XUPV2P board called “XUP Virtex-II Pro Development System Curriculum-On-A-Chip”. A zip file called lib_rev_1_1.zip can be found on the CD in the folder V2P_CD\lib. This file can also be found on the internet on the Digilent website. The link to the file is:


Create a folder called “XUPV2P” in the root directory of your C drive and extract the contents of the zip file into this folder. Be sure to maintain the directory structure as it is in the zip file. You should end up with a structure of folders as shown in the image below.

Figure: XUPV2P Library files and folders