Ethernet FMC supports Xilinx Dev Boards

Support for the Xilinx Series-7 development boards AC701, KC705, VC707, ZC702 and ZC706 has been added to the Ethernet FMC product page. Now you can use the Ethernet FMC on any one of these boards and support up to 8 x gigabit Ethernet ports! That’s right, the KC705, VC707 and ZC702 have two FMC connectors allowing you to plug in two Ethernet FMCs, enabling 8 independent ports.

  • AC701 - supports 1 x Ethernet FMC (4-ports)
  • KC705 - supports 2 x Ethernet FMCs (8-ports)
  • VC707 - supports 2 x Ethernet FMCs (8-ports)
  • VC709 - supports 1 x Ethernet FMC (4-ports)
  • ZC702 - supports 2 x Ethernet FMCs, but there’s only enough FPGA resources to configure the 8 MACs with FIFOs (not DMAs).
  • ZC706 - supports 1 x Ethernet FMC on the LPC, but unfortunately the HPC has pins LA17_CC and LA18_CC routed to non-clock-capable pins.

Download the Vivado constraint files from the Docs section on the product page.