Sneak look at the new Robust Ethernet FMC

Sneak look at the new Robust Ethernet FMC

Here are the first images of my new product: the Robust Ethernet FMC.

This new variation of the Ethernet FMC contains all the features of the standard version but has been designed to fit the 10mm height profile of the Vita 57.1 standard. The Robust Ethernet FMC is perfect for the more rugged gigabit Ethernet applications, and here’s why:

  • 4 x 10mm stand-offs positioned to fit the mounting holes of the Vita 57.1 standard
  • Separated RJ45 and magnetics with filtering on every coil for greater isolation and protection
  • LEDs don’t cross the isolation barrier for maximum ESD protection

Contact me if you’d like more information on this product or others.


robust-ethernet-fmc-4Here is the Robust Ethernet FMC on the MicroZed FMC Carrier:

robust-ethernet-fmc-microzed-1 robust-ethernet-fmc-microzed-2