FMC for Connecting an SSD to an FPGA

FMC for Connecting an SSD to an FPGA

Here’s a first look at the FMC version of the FPGA Drive product, featured with the Samsung VNAND 950 Pro SSD. The FMC version can carry M-keyed M.2 modules for PCI Express and is designed to support up to 4-lanes. It has a HPC FMC connector which can be used on a LPC FMC carrier for a single-lane connection to the SSD, or a HPC FMC carrier to exploit the maximum throughput of a 4-lane connection. The FMC also has a 100MHz clock generator for PCIe applications, which provides a reference clock to the SSD and to the FPGA.



I expect the product to be available for purchase in 4-6 weeks time. Example designs are already available on Github here.

If you’re interested in the product or you would like more information, please contact me.