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Technical questions

If you have questions about anything that I post about, or you’re having trouble following a tutorial on this site, please tag me @jeffrey.johnson in a post on the AMD Xilinx support forums. I will respond to all forum posts and usually can do it within 48 hours. I prefer this communication method for technical questions because it’s public and other people can benefit from it.

To say hello

  • Email me: jeff@ the domain in your address bar above
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn

I like to hear from readers, feel free to introduce yourself or tell me about your project. If you’re not a reader, please don’t try to sell me something like web design, SEO, advertising, or anything of that nature.

For business

We all have to work sometimes 🤷‍♂️… If you’re interested in Opsero products or design services, please go to the company website: Opsero Electronic Design Inc.