ML505/6/7 and XUPV5 FAQ

Below are several frequently asked questions about the ML505/6/7 and XUPV5 boards. Click on the question to jump to the answer. If you have a question about the ML505/6/7 or XUPV5 boards, please contact us at the email address given at the end of this page. What is the speed grade of Virtex-5 on my ML505/ML506/ML507/XUPV5 board? What are the differences between the ML505/6/7 and XUPV5 boards? What is the XUPV5 (ML509) board? [Read More]

Peripherals FAQ

When I make changes to a peripheral, what is the most efficient way to re-build the project? How can I avoid having to re-build the entire project? Sometimes we are developing a peripheral and we have to re-build and test it several times over. In this situation, we don’t have to “Clean Hardware” and re-build the entire project from scratch every time. Instead, we can make use of an option in the . [Read More]

RocketIO FAQ

RocketIO Frequently Asked Questions Here is a list of common questions about RocketIO: What is the best way to get started developing with the RocketIOs? The RocketIOs are very sophisticated devices and require a lot of time to understand and integrate into your designs. Fortunately, Xilinx provides many tools and examples to help you get developing faster. Here are our suggestions: Download the Aurora IP core from the Xilinx website. [Read More]