Convert Bit Files to System ACE Files

Instructions To run your designs from the flash disk, you need to first convert your bit files to System ACE files (.ace). One simple system for doing this is to copy all your bit files to one folder and use a batch file in that folder to perform the conversions from the command line. To start, you should create a folder and copy your bit file(s) there (eg. “C:SysACE”). [Read More]

Aurora to Ethernet Bridge

Tutorial Overview In the last tutorial we implemented the embedded Tri-mode Ethernet MAC and tested it by looping back Ethernet packets and monitoring them with Wireshark. In this tutorial, we will again implement the EMAC but this time we will link it to an Aurora core, to implement an Aurora to Ethernet Bridge. With the bridge, we can link two PCs as shown in the diagram below. To connect the EMAC and Aurora cores we have to use two FIFOs to cross clock domains. [Read More]